Cameron Yi

Cameron may have invented a portable defibrillator for remote hospitals in the third world, but he still feels an unexplainable weight in his chest in the last few minutes before he closes his eyes. It could be from the time his babysitter locked him in the bathroom as a joke, but he’ll never ever be sure!

Josiah Nishtha

After a long day at the computer lab revolutionizing logistics for vertically integrated food production, Josiah returns to his twin long bed and listens to the sounds of his roommates breathing. In those moments Josiah feels like he is the only one alive in the world who really understands. Every night he resolves to be more social, and every morning he begins work again, streamlining more efficient transport for string beans.

Jan Park

Jan has has already raised six hundred thousand dollars in funding for a new prototype of electric car. You can donate to her IndieGoGo page on, but it won’t fill the emptiness that plagues her nightly.

John Theraden

When John Theraden was 13, he built a program that can detect colon cancer in children with 93% accuracy, allowing for earlier, more effective treatment, but now he’s 20 and still feels like he’s disappointing his father. He gets very, very good grades.

Susanna Deralio

Susanna is the youngest member of the Fortune Five Hundred at 17 years old. With a seven figure salary, Susanna is a regular speaker at schools all over California, and often finds herself looking deep into her own eyes in the mirror at night, wondering if she’s more than a set of numbers, or if anyone would care if she walked into the night and just… never stopped.

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