Global pop sensation Taylor Swift added to her list of breakups this year, having publicly dumped Spotify on Tuesday. According to Swift, their relationship seemed like some grand experiment holding her back, preventing her from reaching her full potential as an artist and a human being. This split from Spotify, now just another boyfriend tossed aside by the pop sensation, has reportedly inspired the singer’s most recent break-up song. Soon to be released, it is titled, “Royalties.”

The blue-eyed, blond haired, angel-voiced vixen sat down with the Flipside to discuss this new project, stating, “The idea behind Royalties is that every woman is a princess. She deserves to be paid her dues, and no man can take from her what’s really hers. Of course, I don’t want to name names, but this song is about the silly idea that someone–or something–thinks that they can tie you down, or think that you won’t notice if some of your hard-earned cash isn’t coming in.”

The strong, independent Swift has decided to take a break from romance and take some time for herself, though sources report that she has been making a splash with iTunes over the past few days. Says Swift, “Spotify and I had a good run, but iTunes gives me the reliability that I’ve ben looking for. I gave Spotify my heart and it gave me no money.

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