Jenny Cartwright, the author and voice behind the audiobook, 59 Ways to Find Success…and Some Loose Change, knew her work would help millions. But what she never could have anticipated was the effect it would have on one particular Iowa native, John Galloway. “The cover of the audiobook was so…magnetic and in that moment I knew Jenny was calling to me,” says Galloway. Although the magnets added to the packaging cost, Cartwright had clearly made the right decision.

Galloway continued, “I want to experience success, much like Jenny has… becoming successful by talking to people about becoming successful.” As a result of hearing Cartwright’s audiobook, Galloway’s entire outlook on life has been altered. He thinks entirely differently about success; now that he is optimistic about becoming successful, success can finally come. In the mean time, Galloway sits, thinking, in his mobile home.

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