Recently laid-off hospital workers reached out to the student body for support at a rally in White Plaza last week. The organizers of the rally had hoped to capitalize on the excitement on campus surrounding labor issues, spurred by the takeover of Suites dining clubs and the unceremonious dismissal of their longtime staff. However, organizers were disappointed when no one showed up to the rally for the now unemployed hospital workers.

“We thought this was a great opportunity to harness the interest and energy of such an engaged and resourceful student body,” said Elizabeth Sutter, speaking on behalf of the laid-off staff. “It’s great to see the students getting involved. I just wish they realized the wide array of labor disputes going on around campus.” 

Despite the poor turnout, organizers of the rally are hopeful that they will still be able to get students involved in this pressing matter.

“Anyway, we know it’s midterm season – I’m sure everyone was just really busy. They’ll be at our next rally,” Sutter reasoned. “It’s not like they only care the Suites issue because it directly affects people they know.” 

After watching other issues like the mistreatment of dining hall workers and sexist hiring policies fade into obscurity with only, at most, an email circulated among dorm mailing lists to raise awareness, Sutter is eager to learn from the Suites staff how to win the support of the student body. 

“Next time we’ll provide breakfast at the rally. Hopefully that will be enough to get a few more students to turn up.”

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