Inspired by the runaway success She++, I am pleased to announce the grand kickoff of Me++, designed to foster and inspire coding for me. Right now, I am shockingly underrepresented in the professional world of computer science. Pop Quiz: Do you know what percentage of the workforce includes me? Answer: 0%. In fact, if you survey Silicon Valley tech giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook, you will find zero instances of my name on their payrolls. Start-ups aren’t much better with every founder and initial investor in the past year having been someone other than me.

It should be not only a priority on campus, but a national goal to right this wrong and facilitate my entry into programming as soon as possible. The upcoming Me++ conference will bring me into contact with a lineup of successful and inspirational programmers who will offer invaluable industry advice to me. This conference will give me the opportunity to make the connections I need to rise to the top in this world dominated by people who are not myself.

I have long served as an unemployed student and stay-at-home son, but finally Me++ will recognize and celebrate me in technological fields. It is time for all of us to finally recognize the heroes and “me-roes” among us, as we come together and empower my journey into the world of computer science.

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