Faced with a troubling poll conducted by The Washington Post which indicates that Governor Romney is well behind Obama among racial minorities, Romney has decided to take what he refers to as his “black friend” on a tour around the country. Governor Romney embarked on a series of stump speeches in Ohio with Cleveland resident Reginald Williams, in an last-ditch effort to sway minority voters in the important swing state. The Governor stated in a press release, “We’re very close, extremely close, so close, in fact, that he calls me Mitt. It’s very endearing, very street. Sometimes we slap our hands together.”

Romney continued in an effort to showcase his close ties to the black community by stating that, “Reggie has had a difficult lot in life, he grew up on the streets and has had to struggle to get where he is today. He keeps me grounded.” Mr. Williams is from Bain Park, a working class neighborhood in the greater Cleveland area, outside Twin Peaks, the gated community where Governor Romney’s wife keeps her cars.

Said Williams, “I joined the Republican party because I believe Obama’s support of the Dodd-Frank act is misguided. The Act puts too many restrictions on investors and will ultimately stifle growth.”

Governor Romney hopes that Mr. Williams will add some momentum to a campaign that seems to be stalling by allowing Romney to broaden his electoral appeal, considering that the governor currently only appeals to the niche demographic of “older, wealthy white men.”

Emboldened by his confidence in this strategy, Romney has restructured his campaign in Florida around encouraging his gardener Juan Flores to deliver the important message that, “America must cut the weeds of the Obama presidency.”

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