Opinion: Whatever Happened to That Guy We Kicked Out of Our Draw Group?

May 23, 2012 6:00 am
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Opinion: Whatever Happened to That Guy We Kicked Out of Our Draw Group?

Remember, that one guy… Jared… was his name Jared… or Jon. No, Joey. It was Joey. Definitely Joey. He was in our freshman dorm. We all knew him. We were probably his closest friends, but we never hung out that much.

Is he even on campus this quarter? Maybe he’s on the row. I think someone said he lives in French House now, or maybe he is abroad in France or he could be living in FroSoCo…definitely started with an ‘F’… or a ‘T.’

Remember last year when we totally forgot about the draw? That was really nice of George to organize the draw group for us. Remember what he called it—it was a clever great name, like “Fr1ends” or something.

We would have included him, but we realized that there probably wouldn’t be more than four spots open in Xanadu and there were five of us in the draw group so we just wouldn’t have gotten it. But then we added two more people because Xanadu would definitely have room for six. But not seven. So Jack was still out.

Why did Barry even split off from us anyway?  Did he set his rankings differently?  I think he wanted a single or something.

I’m pretty sure I saw him at Tressider last week, or someone with the same hair. But that could have been someone else. Also, I waved at someone while biking yesterday who kind of looked like Kevin. But they didn’t wave back.  But they also might not have been looking at me. Well, there’s one thing we know for sure. He’s having a great time somewhere, or he isn’t.