In a controversial announcement, student activities administrator, Amanda Rodriquez announced that the Football Team would not be allowed to attend the Fiesta Bowl.

“The team should not be allowed to participate in an event that cheapens such an important culture,” she said. “Hosting parties centered around Mexican traditions like the ‘fiesta’ can easily go south, no pun intended. Plus, last year, we wouldn’t let the basketball team have a Fiesta Night, so I’m not making special cases for football.”

Many students are shocked that the team won’t be allowed to go. Senior, Nick Bolton disagreed with the motivation behind the decision.

“They don’t call it the ‘Fiesta Bowl’ to make fun of their culture,” he said as he sang Des Colores with his mariachi band. “They named it that because fiesta means party, and parties are awesome.”

Unfortunately, for the same reasons, Stanford will also not be allowed to participate in the ‘Aloha Bowl,’ the ‘Little Caesars Bowl,’ or the ‘Black People Love Fried Chicken Bowl.’

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