MATH 451: Counting to a Million: In this class you will count to a million with a group. Attendance mandatory. No final project. We will progressively count higher for ten weeks.

MATH 102: Applied Addition: Students will learn the basics of Applied Addition. Students should be really good at writing the ‘plus sign.’ Students will work on cutting edge applications like 3+5 and 2+2. By the end of the class, students will be comfortable with intermediate word problems like: “If there are 2 people here and 4 people over there, how many people are there in total?”

FEMST 101: A Class With a Ton of Girls in it: Introduction to interdisciplinary feminist scholarship, and focus on inequity of gender enrollment. This class will have many more girls than guys. Contact professor if you are a male interested in taking this class.

CS 34: Tetris for Non-CS Majors: Introduction to playing tetris for non-computer science majors. This class will walk through the full game of tetris, from starting a game, to completing a row, to winning the game. Will cover advanced piece rotation if time permits. Grading: Credit/No Credit

CHEM 74L: Meth Lab. Students meet once a week for 3 hours to learn the basics of operating an illegal meth lab. Must be taken concurrently with CHEM 74: Introductory Chemical Engineering or have consent of instructor.

PIGLAT12: Onversationalca Iglatinpa: udentsta illwa earnla asicba iglatinpa. erequisitepra: PIGLAT 11.

ENGLISH 187: The Tweets of Mark Twain: Students will read and analyze some of the greatest works of American Tweetery. Read classics like “haha lol RT @the_real_tom_sawyer fuck whitewashing fences!” Students will be expected to do heavy reading of at least 200 tweets per week. The final project is a well crafted tweet reflecting what Mark Twain would say in the modern day.

MATH 101: Math: This class will teach math. Numbers, plus, minus, times, derivatives, set theory.

ARCHLGY 69: Awkward Dying Poses: Explore revolutionary dying poses throughout the history of Western civilization. This class introduces students to data and issues regarding the scenarios that led to these uncomfortable dying positions.

HUMBIO 2C: Filler

HISTORY 414S: The Geopolitics of the Burrito: Students will begin to understand the history of the burrito, from its role in facilitating Columbian Exchange in the fifteenth century to its role in spreading Chipotle across America in the early twenty-first century.  Students will learn about how different cultures developed different burrito-wrapping styles, from the Mexican Guacamole Knot to the Texan Twister. Students will be expected to have prior knowledge about the sixteenth century wars between Corn Tortilla Loyalists and Flour Tortilla Revolutionaries, as well as the way in which the burrito singlehandedly caused the surrender of Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana in the Mexican-American War.  Prerequisite: Having eaten at least one burrito in the past two weeks

ATHLETIC 32: Naked Basketball: Students will play various basketball related games naked. Games include Naked HORSE, Naked Around the World, and regular Naked 5 on 5. Prerequisite: Look good naked.

PORN101/FILMSTUD 70: Porn Through the Eyes of a Pubescent Male: This course will cover a variety of topics including where to find porn, how to hide porn from your parents and friends, and porn’s position in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Class will feature several pubescent male guest speakers.

PHOTO 378: The Dick Pic: Students will learn to craft artistic dick pics by making use of shadow and light. To enroll, students must have a cell phone with a camera.

PORTUGUESE 11X: Introduction to Brazilian Women:  pickup lines, basic Portuguese, suggestive eye gestures

EE104A: More Boring Topics in EE

SLAVGEN 2: Books about Cold, Sad People.  Students will learn to read and analyze novels that dote on the unbelievably uncomfortable and unhappy lives of 19th century Russians.  Students will be able to fully understand why 19th century Russians should have moved to happier places like England or the future site of Disneyland.  Students are expected to read approximately 3000 pages per week, 1500 of which will metaphorically describe subzero temperatures, and the other 1500 of which will describe in painstaking detail why it sucks to be Russian.  Grading: No Credit/No Credit

COMM 57: Emoticons and You: In the first half of the course, students will study the history of emoticon usage through critical analysis of online chat transcripts over time. The second half of the course focuses on strategies for using emoticons effectively in common online interactions such as flirtatious Facebook chats and contentious dorm email threads.

ATHLETIC 84: Waking Up Early: Students will gain the skills necessary to wake up early enough to arrive on time to this course, held at 7:30 am.

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