Sources in the music industry report that popular British rock band Coldplay’s new album Mylo Xyloto has been found to be sonically identical to their last album, and that the band simply changed the song titles.

The discovery was first made by music critic David Woolworth last week when he was preparing to review the album for his blog Ironic Fixed-Gear Bicycle. “I don’t understand how no one has noticed this,” he wrote “they didn’t even change the order of the tracks from Viva La Vida.”

When asked for a comment, a representative from Parlophone, the band’s record label, merely smiled and shrugged before adding, “I don’t claim to understand art.”

Chris Martin, lead singer and frontman for the group, said of the finding, “There’s just so much beauty in the world that we’ve already captured, and we just want to keep sharing this beauty with our fans. But with new cover art.”

Preliminary reports suggest that this finding is not hurting sales of the new album and that the average music fan doesn’t actually know, or care, what the word “derivative” means.

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