Walking Bike Down the Middle of Busy Street Somehow Mistaken for Good Idea

April 20, 2011 9:00 am
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Last Friday, Michael Thomas ’14 and Jenny Alparez ‘13 were seen walking their bikes down the middle of Serra Street between classes. Eyewitness reports indicate there was a significant traffic built up behind the students including a long line of bicyclists and a couple golf carts. Thomas and Alparez later stated that they not only thought it was an “acceptable practice” but also a “good idea.” Passersbys report, however, that the students were in fact “inconsiderate” and “obstructive.” One viewer noted, “The dude was totally hitting on this girl. And she wasn’t even hot! It’s like they thought they owned the road or some shit.” Campus safety would like to remind students not walk in middle of the road, but to instead use a fucking sidewalk, which was built for this very purpose.