Advice: Question Quentin

May 11, 2010 6:57 pm
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Hello, my name is Quentin and I’m starting an internet advice blog because I want to become famous. It’s called “Question Quentin”, sort of like Ask Annie, so question away! Your questions can be about world issues, or personal issues, or worldly personal issues. Like you don’t know if you want to take your girlfriend on a vacation to Paris. The answer to this, incidentally, is oui, if you want le sex.

Q: Quentin, get off of the computer, it’s dinner time. I can’t believe I have to inform you like this, but you locked me out of the basement.


A: Shut up mom, and don’t post to my internet advice blog. This is a Q and A session, and that was definitely not a Q. There was no Q-mark anywhere. And I locked the basement because you’re noisy and rude.

Q: Quentin, can you come out of the basement and get dinner?


A: Depends on what we’re eating.

Q: Tuna noodle casserole and fresh-squeezed orange juice?