President John L. Hennessey 42, and they were all freshman
Dean Julie – 2, all tongue
Michelle Wie – 68, 3 under par
Provost John Etchemendy – 612, at least
President Herbert Hoover – 0, was studying to become President
Justice Sandra Day O’Connor – 9, a fair and balanced number
Lopez Brothers – Limit n->infinite
Jerry Yang – 3.14159, with a partial kiss
Larry Page – 1 with a 100 zeros (10 ^ 100)
John Steinbeck – 3, left FMOTQ early
Ken Kesey – 14, then went back to finish his book
Ben Savage – 2, and Topanga found out
Theodore Harold Maiman, made first laser – 4, and hit them all with laser beams
John McEnroe – 11, and they were aces
Andrew Shepherd, The American President – 17, he did go to Stanford

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