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Refugee Crisis Erupts After Tumblr Bans Porn

January 14, 2019 7:00 pmComments Off on Refugee Crisis Erupts After Tumblr Bans Porn
FILE- In this Wednesday, July 29, 2015 photo, a Syrian refugee boy plays with a tire at Zaatari refugee camp, in Mafraq, Jordan. The United Arab Emirates on Wednesday, Sept. 9, 2015 defended its response to the Syrian refugee crisis in the face of criticism that the country and other oil-rich Gulf states should be doing more to address the issue. (AP Photo/Raad Adayleh, File)

Riots broke out yesterday evening on the borders of Twitter, DeviantArt, and other digital territories after Tumblr announced last month that it would be banning various kinds of pornographic content, ranging from female collarbones to BDSM tentacle extravaganzas. Crackdowns began on December 17, involving so-called “peacekeepers” knocking down the doors […]

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