Jackie Robinson Middle School in Queens, New York has been hit by multiple budget cuts over the last few years, so it’s no surprise that the school isn’t always able to afford basic classroom supplies. But while for some teachers that means just scraping by on what’s already available, English teacher Jeanine O’Rourke believes her kids deserve better than just “scraping by.” That’s why, when her school announced they wouldn’t be able to buy her or any of the other teachers a gun this semester, she bought one anyway, with her own money.

Wow. Say what you want about public school teachers, but Ms. O’Rourke is the real deal!

Despite only earning a teacher’s salary, O’Rourke knew that she couldn’t just let her kids go without the same advantages that their private school peers get. She was determined to create the best classroom possible, even if it meant a personal hit to her wallet. That’s why, last Monday, she walked into her 3rd period class strapped up with a gleaming AR-15 and two bandoliers of hollow-tip bullets, all purchased out-of-pocket at a local Walmart.

“I understand that times are tough and budget cuts are being made,” O’Rourke said. “But just because Principal Donaldson can’t afford to buy everyone on staff military-grade assault weapons — with multi-bolt action and vulcanized rubber grips — doesn’t mean my responsibility as an educator is over. These kids work so hard; I owe them just as much.”

Truly heartwarming, huh? Looks like selflessness is alive and well among America’s public servants after all.

From coaching the lacrosse team on weekends to staying after hours to explain a concept to a struggling student, Ms. O’Rourke has always gone the extra mile, but this is above and beyond! Whether it’s using the tactical laser sight on her firearm to point out key concepts on the whiteboard or using her gun’s bump stock as a visual metaphor for verb conjugations, the money O’Rourke spent is paying dividends in terms of educational value. If only more teachers at Robinson Middle School had her dedication!

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