Q: I’m in kind of a tough situation right now. My friend with benefits told me that she’s looking for something more serious and I don’t know how to tell her than I’m not ready for commitment. Any ideas?

Thanks in Advance, Flighty in Faisan

A: You know, what I love about Europe is that they’re so open about questions of sexuality. They don’t have these sexual hang-ups. In fact, I believe the Spanish term for a ‘friend with benefits’ is simply ‘friend.’ Commitment is just such an American term.

Q: I’m taking a really heavy course load this quarter and I’m just not sure that it’s a good idea. Any tips for super efficient studying?

Thanks, Nervous in Narnia

A: You know, what’s really important is that you take advantage of everything around you.  I seize every opportunity to go to London or Paris for the weekend, and just soak in the vibes of the cities. Being loaded down by work never got in my way.

Q: I’m looking to take a girl out for dinner but don’t know any cheap places to eat in Palo Alto. Any local eateries I should try out?

Sincerely, Cash-Strapped in Cedro

A: That’s a great question. Europe really has a gastronomic aura that most Americans just wouldn’t understand. I distinctly remember having a fresh pretzel in a little Berlin bakery and thinking that nothing in California would ever compare. Good times. Those are experiences you really can’t get anywhere else, especially not if you consider America’s consumer culture. Anyway, I recommend Chipotle.

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