Dear Person in Discussion Who Clearly Didn’t Do the Reading,

I hate it when my bike seat is wet in the morning. I tried putting a bag over it, but then the bag got wet. Do I need another bag to put over the first one? How deep does this rabbit hole go?

Wet Butt in West Lag

Dear Wet Butt,

Ok, so you tried putting a bag over your seat and then it got wet. Now you’re faced with this question of whether you should put another bag over it? Is the bag a metaphor? I actually don’t know, I’m just posing the question. I’ll let someone else take that and run with it.

Dear Person in Discussion Who Clearly Didn’t Do the Reading,

I just got back from a quarter abroad and I’m stuck in Oak Creek. I feel disconnected from campus life. What do?

Ostracized in Oak Creek

Dear Ostracized,

Yeah, Oak Creek, that’s like what happened to the guy in last week’s reading – you know, what we talked about in lecture? When his wife went somewhere – it might have been Oak Creek – I mean I don’t remember exactly what happened, per se. I read it but, you know, I’m not a morning person, I just can’t think right now.

Dear Person in Discussion Who Clearly Didn’t Do the Reading,

I want to express my inner self with a bold new haircut, but my friends say I’ll regret it. Should I just go for it? I’ve got to do right by me.

Spontaneous in Synergy

Dear Spontaneous,

…could you repeat the question?

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