With Admit Weekend in the rearview mirror, rumors have begun to surface of a lone cool ProFro who managed to obtain alcohol for his hosts despite a campus-wide ban in effect throughout the weekend. The badass ProFro, whose name has not been disclosed, has elicited praise and awe from the beneficiaries of his generosity.

“He was just such a boss,” said sophomore Alex Townshend. “It was my 20th birthday, and some friends and I just thought it’d be awesome to, you know, be able to get buzzed and have a good time. We were a bit hesitant about asking at first, cause we thought he might be a douche about it since it’s supposed to be a dry weekend. But he was just so chill.”

Alex’s friend Layne continued the story. “He laughed and got this kind twinkle in his eyes and said we should be able to have a good time on Admit Weekend and that he’d see what he could do. We weren’t expecting much, but then he came back with a bottle of Grey Goose, a bunch of six packs, and enough Jager for at least a dozen shots. And not only that, he brought a bunch of ProFro girls to the party to show us what Stanford was all about. It was the best weekend of my life. College is awesome.”

Other RoHos in the vicinity echoed these sentiments, saying that they had ‘mad respect’ for the younger ProFro.

“It was when he said he’d take the blame if RAs busted up the party that I finally felt really good about my decision to commit to Stanford,” said Caroline Kersey, ’13. “He just showed us how relaxed and awesome the people here can be. It’s too bad he ended up going to Princeton.”

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