In one of the greatest feel-good stories of the twenty-first century, Crothers resident Lori Scone and Slav resident Jack Holloway are managing what many have called “an almost-impossible” long distance relationship. Despite being on different sides of Campus Drive and only managing to see each other once every several months, Lori and Jack are finding a way to make it work. “It’s been really hard, but ultimately it’s tested us and made our relationship grow stronger,” said Lori. “And it just makes the times we do see each other that much better.” Lori’s closest friend Alicia Sagan has seen the relationship prosper from its early days. “I don’t know how they do it. I know they Skype every now and then and send texts to each other during the day … but she makes such a sacrifice for him. This long distance relationship really takes her out of the campus social scene, and I just don’t know how she resists on-campus temptation. I mean, have you ever been to the Crothers Barbecue?”

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