Cartoon Network Set to Relaunch Powerpuff Girls

March 2, 2015 3:45 pm
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Cartoon Network Set to Relaunch Powerpuff Girls

Hollywood, CA – reports indicate that Cartoon Network is set to re-launch their well-known Powerpuff Girls series, with Lena Dunham, the auteur and provocateur behind the smash hit ‘Girls’, being tapped to direct. Given Dunham’s place as one of Hollywood’s up and coming wave of feminist writers, Cartoon Network hopes she will be able to modernize and update the program for the millennial generation. Network executives indicated that both ‘Girls’ and ‘Powerpuff Girls’ shared similar themes of female empowerment, close female friendships and the discovery of a burgeoning and powerful sexuality.

Dunham has appeared very excited about the project, fleshing out ideas and themes she intends to work with in an exclusive interview with the Flipside. “Blossom, of course, being the leader, has a sort of raw animal lust that I think we’ll see highlighted as the show moved forward,” said Dunham. “As such, she will be in a depraved on-again/off-again relationship with Milo, a Brooklyn urbanite who owns and operates his own Gutenberg printing press factory. She will also struggle with a heroin addiction that will form much of the dramatic climax of the season.” Dunham stated that an actor had not yet been selected for the role, but a willingness to perform nude is a must.

While parents have indicated their displeasure with the more adult tone the show appears to be taking, Dunham was unconcerned. “To ignore the clear incestuous lesbian undertones in the relationship between Bubbles and Buttercup is to be willfully ignorant of the show’s original subtext,” she said. “We are not changing the heart of the show. We’re just adding layers of anal sex and wild New York nights to it.”