Issue 29 Winner: Jared Cordova


Issue 28 Winner: Clifford Nass

Congratulations !

Issue 27 Winner: Christopher Derrick

Congratulations to Christopher Derrick on winning the Flipside Puzzle Challenge and a…

Issue 26 Winner: CJ Longyear

Congratulations to CJ Longyear on winning the Flipside puzzle challenge!

Issue 25 Winner: Cameron Holt

Congratulations to Cameron Holt on winning the Flipside puzzle challenge and a…

Issue 24 Winner: Zach Nevin

Congratulations to Zach Nevin on winning the Flipside Puzzle Challenge!

Issue 23 Winner: Dennis Paiz-Ramirez

Congratulations to Dennis Paiz-Ramirez on winning the puzzle challenge!

Issue 22 Winner: Peter Livesey

Congratulations to Peter Livesey on winning the Puzzle Challenge!

Issue 21 Winner: Bharath Sitaraman

Congratulations to Bharath Sitaraman on winning the second week of the Flipside…

Issue 20 Winner: Robin Thomas

Congratulations to Robin Thomas for being the first winner of the Flipside…