As week two begins, many freshmen are settling in on ‘The Farm’. For some new students, like Otero resident Gabe Evans, there remain many questions about living in a dorm. In particular, Evans is curious about resident computing. More specifically, Evans is curious whether or not his RCC can see everyone’s internet browsing history.

Evans insists that his interest in his RCC’s access is rooted in concerns about privacy for all residents, and is by no means personal. ‘What if, like, someone were to accidentally click on an ad and it takes them somewhere bad? You wouldn’t want them to get in trouble for that. No way. This is coming from a place of concern.’

Rather than ask his RCC directly, Evans has taken a circuitous path, first asking his roommate, who reportedly answered ‘Wait is that possible? They couldn’t. Could they?’ After querying google and the phone application ‘Yik Yak’, Evans remains no closer to solving this riddle, which has been deeply frustrating for him.

Fortunately, Evans seems to have found some solace in focusing on his courses, specifically in many hours spent reading his human anatomy textbook.

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