Editorial: during ~NUMBER1~ ~ADJECTIVE1~ years, think twice about Stanford

To those of you who are reading The Daily for the very first time: ~CURSE PHRASE1~. You have taken the first of many steps in what will undoubtedly be an ~ADJECTIVE2~ ~NUMBER1~ years of your life here at Stanford. While a dizzying array of new faces and ~PLURAL NOUN1~ whirl by, you took the time to sit down and ~VERB1~ a few lines about the goings on of this crazy place.

As you will no doubt come to discover, if you haven’t already, there are ~NUMBER TWO TO TEN1~ things to do on campus, with ~NUMBER1~ years rightly feeling too short to fit even half of it all in. With all this raging about you, it is easy to get caught up in your student group, your sorority, ~MAJOR1~ or the ~SPORTS TEAM1~. It is easy to not pay attention to student government, changes in housing policies or the status of ~CAMPUS EVENT1~. It is very easy to pass by ~PLURAL NOUN2~ in White Plaza without once thinking about the issues for which they stand. And it takes literally no effort to walk by the table with the stack of Daily issues and not ~VERB1~ twice.

You, however, did. And for the rest of your time on the Farm, we hope you will continue to pick up The Daily and take the time to ~VERB1~ and talk about the events that are shaping the school — because this effort on your part helps ensure the vibrancy that makes Stanford one of the world’s premier institutions of higher ~ACTIVITY1~.

So give a damn. Take the time to try and understand how this place works, to get to know the candidates for ~STUDENT GROUP1~, to ask your RA and the dining hall manager about their positions and their interests. ~VERB1~ The Daily. It matters less whether or not you agree with what has been written. It matters more that you are paying attention.
Oh, and go ~SPORTS TEAM1~.

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