Dear Reader,

Today I am going to ask you to support the Flipside with a donation. This might sound unusual: Why does one of Stanford’s five most popular publications ask for financial support from its readers?

The Flipside is built differently from almost every other Stanford publication. We have a large number of unpaid staff, around one thousand. The Flipside is free to read everywhere around the world, except for in Canada. Our annual expenses are less than one billion dollars.

Here at the Flipside, we believe that we can make Stanford a better place and stuff. Because the Flipside is more than a newspaper: The Flipside is a newspaper that is totally not true.

Your donation helps us in several ways. Mostly importantly, this donation will feed our staff. There are several of them who live in Slav and would happily take any extra cookies or sandwiches you happen to have lying around your room. Second, if we want to throw both Moonsplash and Sunsplash next year, we really need a lot more money.

I invite you to join us: Your donation will help keep the Flipside free everywhere, but not in Canada. Ever.

Thank you,

Barney Schmutz.

P.S. It takes a lot of gorillas typing at keys for us to create one article that is fully in English.

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