According to multiple reports from amazed students and distraught TAs, a single Stanford student recently crashed a massive CS107 Zoom lecture by DM’ing the phrase ‘effective. Powerلُلُصّبُلُلصّبُرر  h ’ to a professor over Zoom chat.

“I will never reveal my true identity. You may call me Oblivion,” said the student, speaking over the phone through a voice changer that made them sound like Tim Curry. “That’s spelled 0BL1V10N”.

When asked what they would do next, 0BL1V10N said they were founding a hacker collective. “We’re going to use ‘effective. Powerلُلُصّبُلُلصّبُرر  h ’ for the greater good,” they said. “We’re targeting the New York Stock Exchange next, and then the Pentagon, then Anthony Podesta. Someone still needs to get to the bottom of those emails.”

The Flipside also reached out to Zoom CEO Eric Yuan for comment on the security issue.

“Are you fucking serious?” said Yuan distractedly, as he sold user data to NotWinnieThePooh99 on Ebay. “I already need to figure out to spend a billion dollars before you nosy pipsqueaks find the real security issues.”

This development does not bode well for professors, who are still learning how to adapt to online learning.

“Zoombombers are alright, because at least they participate in class discussion” said CS107 Professor Nick Troccoli. “But this? I don’t understand why the students keep punishing me. I’ve started every email I send with ‘In these uncertain times,’ so I really have no idea where I went wrong.”

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