Student Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Buy Subway Lunch

March 3, 2014 12:00 pm
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Student Launches Kickstarter Campaign to Buy Subway Lunch

Ambitious entrepreneur Jake Carter ’14 has just launched a crowdfunding campaign on the website Kickstarter to raise enough money to buy a sandwich at Subway in Tressider Union.

“Going to the ATM is too much work, and I don’t think any of my friends are nearby to lend me the cash,” said Carter. “Clearly Kickstarter is the only option.”

Carter has raised the bar high; he will only receive the funds if he raises five dollars or more. As per Kickstarter tradition, Carter is offering rewards for people who pledge a certain amount of money in order to incentivize potential backers.

“If you pledge fifty cents or more, I might send you a Facebook message thanking you I guess,” said Carter.

Carter has also set a series of stretch goals that will allow him to expand his eating horizons if he raises enough money.

“My bottom line is buying a sub, but if the Kickstarter goes viral I might buy a kids’ meal combo or even expand into their new flatbread pizzas.”

If the campaign is successful, supporters will be notified and Carter will be forwarded the cash.

“I hope they send the money really quickly,” said Carter, “because CS106A starts in twenty minutes.”