Campus Gang “The Freshman 15” Terrorizes Stanford

September 26, 2011 1:05 am
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Campus Gang “The Freshman 15” Terrorizes Stanford

You can recognize them by their gang-sign: arms crossed holding up one finger on one hand and five on the other.

Based in Cedro, they call themselves “The Freshman 15.” It’s a group of 15, slightly overweight freshman who have been wreaking havoc all over campus. They have been seen riding around on their bicycles in a pack stealing other dorms’ flags, and texting during the 3-Books Presentation.

Fellow freshman from J-Ro, Claire Whitman, told Flipside reporters she felt scared every time she saw the gang biking around. “They just look so intimidating with their lanyards on,” she said trembling. “After 1pm, I only leave my dorm with an RA escort.”

“All we do is eat snacks and drink beer, but not yet,” said gang member Coby Hoover, AKA CoHo Fo’ Sho.

Watch out for the Freshman 15 trolling around campus asking people where buildings are and ridiculing IHUM. They are dangerous and may be lost.